Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week of December 19-21

Only 3 more days of school! What a fun year this has been so far and I look forward to another exciting 18 weeks! This week we will be wrapping up with some fun holiday math centers, ornament making, and holiday stories.
**Please don't forget to bring in a book for our book exchange on the 21st!**

Important dates for the week!
Monday, December 19th:Wear something sparky!
Tuesday, December 20th: 1st grade Polar Express Day (Students can wear their PJ's and holiday socks) - we will be doing activities based on the book, enjoy some hot chocolate, and watch the movie!
Wednesday, December 21st: Holiday Party and book exchange! Volunteers only please - students will participate in different game and snack centers. Addison's flannel (pj) day! Or just a flannel shirt :)
Thursday, December 22 - January 4th: Holiday Break

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 12-16

Congratulations to our Leader of the Month Samuel!
**Don't forget the first grade play will be this Thursday December 15th at 6pm. Students need to arrive in our classroom by 5:45 to get lined up and ready. I will walk the class down to the cafeteria for the performance. Thursday morning during school students will have a dress rehearsal so please send your child in their costume or have them bring it to change into/out of.

What is your child learning this week?
Even though we are only a little over a week away from the winter break we still have plenty of learning to do. In math we will continue to take our gumball math assessments and review graphing with some fun winter themed activities. During writing and phonics students will participate in different writing experiences such as how to make a snowman and how to decorate a tree. Students will also be learning about reindeer and creating their own "pet" reindeer. Throughout the week I will be working with students one on one to assess their current sight words and reading levels for their second 9 weeks report card. On Thursday morning students will have their first grade play dress rehearsal at 8am. Friday will be Grinch Day! Students are asked to dress up in green and will participate in Grinch themed activities all day. Along with Grinch day, Addison is having several different themed dress up days. A calendar will be coming home with students on Monday with information about each day.

Important Dates:
Thurs. Dec. 15 - First Grade Play, 6pm (Students arrive in class by 5:45)
Sat. Dec. 17 - Hot Wheels,10am-11pm
Mon. Dec. 19 - 5th Grade Soiree
Tues. Dec. 20 - 3rd & 4th Grade Parties (Polar Express Day 1st Grade- Wear your PJ's!)
Wed. Dec. 21 - K, 1 & 2 Holiday Parties
Dec. 22 - Jan 4 - Winter Break, No School
Thurs. Jan. 5 - Students return to school

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a great week off!

What we are learning this week:
In Math we will continue to work with addition and subtraction strategies to 20. Students will be working specifically with word problems and determining the sum, difference, and unknown change/start of each problem. In Social Studies we will learn about the explorations of Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea. I also have some fun "artifacts" students will get to look at :) During our writing time we will continue to work with informative writing. As the winter break gets closer we will be doing some fun holiday themed writing and craftivities. During reading, we will do a review of capitalization and punctuation as well as syllables. I will also continue to pull reading groups to focus on specific reading strategies as well as begin to assess students' current reading for the 2nd nine week period.

Its going to be a busy and fun 3 weeks! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Lunch will be Thursday, November 17th from 11:40-12:10! Please come and join your child for a yummy Thanksgiving lunch! Adult lunches will cost $3.30 each. Please arrive a few minutes early so you have your ticket and are ready to walk through the line with us!

Congratulations to Rowan who pulled the "Sit at the Teacher's Desk" card from the Ladybug! Great job Rowan :)


Monday, November 7, 2016

Today our class had the opportunity to participate in a mock presidential election!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 7-11 

What is Your Child Learning this Week?   
This week in Math we will learn how to balance equations as well as determine if equations are true or false. Students will also continue working with adding and subtracting to 20. During Language Arts our focus this week are words with the final digraph ck.  During reading groups we will be reading passages about Thomas Jefferson and focus on identifying key details and answering questions. Our writing time this week will focus on writing informational pieces. In Social Studies we will continue our unit on Thomas Jefferson.  On Monday, students will participate in a Mock Election school wide so that they have an opportunity to see what it is like to vote for the President of the United States. 

*No school Tuesday!*
*Field trip Wednesday! Please have students wear their Leader in Me t-shirt. If students do not have one, please have them wear a grey shirt.*
* 1st grade play will now premier on December 15th instead of the 8th!

Important Dates:
Tuesday, November 8th: Election Day! NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, November 9th: 1st grade Field Trip
Thursday, November 10th: Chick-fil-a night
Friday, November 11th: Leader of the Month Breakfast
Saturday, November 12th: Hot Wheels Day (PTA)
Tuesday, November 15th: Stevie B's night
Thursday, November 17th: 1st grade Thanksgiving Lunch
Friday, November 18th: FBI (Father's Being Involved ) Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting. 
Tuesday, November 29th: Texas Roadhouse

Spirit Wear Friday's 
11th: Red, White and Blue Day
18th: Silly Socks Day

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24-28

What is Your Child Learning this Week?
This week in math we will begin to work with addition and subtraction strategies to 20. We will also work on understanding and solving problems with unknown addends. In Social Studies we will begin our unit on the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans. During science lab on Tuesday students get to experiment with magnets! The spelling words and phonics unit this week will focus on the Long I vowel sound. During writing, students will participate in some fun seasonal activities. We will be writing an opinion piece on if a spider would make a good pet or not and create a glitter spider web. Each day I will continue to pull reading groups to focus on fluency and reading comprehension.

Important Dates:
October 24th: Author Visit
October 24th: Wellstar visits our classroom to talk about Tantrums
October 28th: FBI Breakfast Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting.
October 28th: Addison's first BooMovie night presented by the Foundation!!!

*Thank you so much to Lily and her family who are going to represent the 1st grade at Trunk-or-Treat! Candy donations are greatly appreciated! Please come out to support our school in  costume for a fun Trunk-or-Treat and a movie this Friday! *

               We love the Science Lab! Thank you for teaching us about magnets Mrs. Knobbe!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 17-21 
Red Ribbon Week, Book Fair, Conference week!  
Conference week - Dismissal at 12:15! I am so excited to see everyone this week during your conference! Don't forget that here at Addison we hold student led conferences so please bring your child with you!  

What we will be learning this week!   
Even though we have short days we will still be learning a lot! This week we will continue to work with subtraction strategies and add in some full fall activities. Our phonics and spelling words for this week focus on the long O sound. In reading I will continue to pull small group to focus on reading strategies as well as how to sequence events from a story. In social studies students will be introduced to the seven different continents and five oceans we have here on our fantastic planet. 

** If you haven't returned your child's field trip form please do so as soon as possible!**

October 17-21 - 12:15 Early Dismissal
October 21- Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen go on the roof!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10-15
 Please return conference forms and field trip forms as soon as possible! Thank you to those who have already completed both! :) I look forward to meeting with parents and students next week to discuss all the amazing things your child has done this year. Remember, here at Addison we hold student let conferences, so don't forget to bring them with you!

What is Your Child Learning This Week?
In Math, the students will begin learning about subtraction strategies.  We have also begun our Gumball Math times tests. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students will be tested on addition to 10. Once students pass a test I will send it home and place the next level up in their folders so please look to see what they have done so far! For this test, students have to answer every problem correctly in the two minutes to move on to the next test. Students would greatly benefit to practice math facts to 10 at home in addition to homework. During Language Arts we will be focusing on Long Vowel A and Bossy E.  We will also be writing our final personal narrative which students' will share with you all at their conference.

October 13th: Papa Johns Night
October 17-21: Conference Week 
October 20th: Square Art orders are DUE
October 24th: Author Visit
October 24th: Wellstar visits our classroom to talk about Tantrums
October 28th: FBI Breakfast Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting.

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3-9

What is Your Child Learning this Week?
In Math, we are still learning Addition strategies to help us solve our math problems.  The strategies that we are learning this week are doubles, doubles +1, number line, and part part whole. In Reading, we will be learning about reading strategies as well as verbs and sequencing of events.  Our Phonics focus this week is working with words with 3 letter blends. During Writing, we will continue learning about how to write a good narrative as well as the use of appropriate transitions. We will also be doing a review of punctuation. We are finishing up Landforms this week and have a special activity planned on Friday.  If you have not brought in your food item please try to do so before Thursday. Thank you!

Conference forms are coming home on Thursday.  Please look at the day and time I have assigned to your conference and return the bottom half of the sheet as soon as possible.  If there is a conflict please let me know so we can make a different arrangement.
  Important Dates:
Tuesday, October 4th: Zaxby's Night come out and support our school
Wednesday, October 5th: Walk to School Day
Wednesday, October 5th: Reading Challenge is due
Thursday, October 6th: Picture Day!!! :)
Friday, October 7th: Spirit Day, Xdrenaline
October 13th: Papa Johns Night
October 17-21: Conference Week 
October 24th: Wellstar visits our classroom to talk about Tantrums
October 28th: FBI Breakfast Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting.
We have Media Center on Wednesday so please make sure have your child return their books by then.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Break!!! I hope everyone has a safe, fun, and restful week off! Here are some pictures of our fun filled week!

Science Lab came to our class!

 Alida made us special crowns because she said we were all great and worked so hard on the Cogat! You can tell we all really enjoyed them! :)
 We got to meet our third grade book buddies Friday!