Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Break!!! I hope everyone has a safe, fun, and restful week off! Here are some pictures of our fun filled week!

Science Lab came to our class!

 Alida made us special crowns because she said we were all great and worked so hard on the Cogat! You can tell we all really enjoyed them! :)
 We got to meet our third grade book buddies Friday!

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19-23

What is Your Child Learning this Week?
In Math we will begin working with place value and introducing multiple addition strategies. Students will rotate through four centers, three being independent and one center will be working with me. Students will be taught a variety of different strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. Some strategies include counting on, tens frame, drawing a picture, doubles, and doubles plus one. In Language Arts we will finally be working in reading groups! I am so excited to begin working with students one on one with reading strategies. In whole group we will continue working on our narrative writing and discussing characters, setting, and details in a story. In Social Studies we will be creating Landform books and making a Landform representation.
With the first 9 weeks wrapping up quickly, I will begin working on assessing sight words, reading levels, and concepts that have been taught during the past weeks. Final report cards will be sent home once we meet for conferences in October.

Important Dates:
September 23rd: FBI Breakfast Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting. 
September 26-30: Fall Break Enjoy your break with your family.  We will see you soon!
September 29th: Last day to order from the September Scholastic flyer. 
October 4th: Zaxby's Night come out and support our school
October 5th: Walk to School Day???
October 7th: Xdrenaline
October 13th: Papa Johns Night
October 17-21: Conference Week 
October 24th: Wellstar visits our classroom to talk about Tantrums
October 28th: FBI Breakfast Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting.

Friday, September 9, 2016

We had such a great week! Here are a few pictures from Science lab and Grandparents Day!
**Ben Projects Due Monday!**

Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5-9

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend! 
What we will be learning this week!
In Math, we will be learning how to count to 120 as well as correctly write our numbers in the one hundreds. We will also be practicing counting from a given number and then counting on. In Reading we will begin rotating through each of the Daily 5 activities. We will be practicing fluency, identifying main ideas and determining details within a non fiction text.  We will also be describing the differences between fiction and non-fiction text.  During Writing, we will be working on Narrative writing and focusing in on small moments rather than the big picture. We will be visiting the Science Lab on Tuesday to continue learning about the weather. In class we will continue our unit on Benjamin Franklin.  Please don't forget your child has their Benjamin Franklin project due on the 12th. They must also write about their invention and be ready to present it to the class.

Important Dates:
Monday, September 5th: Labor Day No school
Wednesday, September 7th: Brewster's Night 4-7
Thursday, September 8th: Grandparents Breakfast for 3rd -5th graders 7:00 - 7:15am
Friday, September 9th: Grandparents Breakfast for K-2nd graders 7:00 - 7:15 am
Friday, September 9th: SPIRIT DAY wear your Addison T-shirt or Green
Tuesday, September 13 - 15th: CoGat Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast, good night sleep and arrives on time. 
Friday, September 23rd: FBI Dad's come have breakfast with your child and then stay for the meeting.
Monday, September 26 - 30: FALL BREAK

 The first grade classes are celebrating Grandparents on Thursday, September 8th and Friday, September 9th.  We are so excited to have a visit from the fantastic grandparents that have already signed up!

From the Foundation:
Do you want to see Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen be on the roof top?  Or maybe KISS A PIG! or even get taped to a wall?  You can and will if we make our Foundation goals.  Please consider donating to our Foundation.  Any amount is welcomed and it's for a great cause.  One of the biggest benefits from Foundation is our Science Lab and Mrs. Knobbe and you know how much your child LOVES the Science Lab.  Also, the classroom with the most donations will receive an IPad for the classroom!   Deadline for donations is September 12th. Thank you!****