Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 13-17

What is Your Child Learning this Week?

In Math we will continue our Gumball Math on Subtraction three times per week. We will also continue to work with addition within 100.  We will be adding 2 digit numbers to a one digit number and then moving to adding 2 digit numbers to groups of 10. Such as 29 + 40 , 18 + 50 and so on. In writing we will begin our opinion pieces on what students think would make a better pet (cat or dog). Students will get to explore both the positive and negative aspects of owning each and relate it to personal experiences they have had with both animals. During our Social Studies time we will learn about the different contributions of Teddy Roosevelt. Friday we will rap up the week with an entire day of Teddy!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, February 14th: Valentines day! Don't forget to bring a box/bag and valentines to share <3
Wednesday, February 15th: Six Flags Reading Logs Due
Thursday, February 16th: Publix Math Night (at Shallowford and Sandyplains) Hope to see you there!
Friday, February 17th: FBI Breakfast (Dads come have breakfast with your child and stay for the meeting) Teddy Bear Day! Your child gets to bring their favorite teddy to school (just one).
February 20-24: Winter Break No School

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